Commentary: Banning 'concealed carry' laws is a disaster

Griffin Dix, Progressive Perspectives on

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Currently, the outlook for public safety is bleak. “Apparently no amount of evidence,” Cornell wrote, “is enough for (this Supreme Court) to support gun control.” As a result, deaths, serious injuries and violent crimes are likely to increase in states that, until now, have had laws that regulate the carrying of guns in public.

There’s already a precedent for this scenario: Research by Stanford University law professor John Donohue, for example, found that, within 10 years after states relaxed concealed-carry laws, violent crime rates increased by up to 15%.

It stands to reason that, as more people are able to freely carry handguns, more people will believe that they need guns for protection and, in turn, there will be more gun violence and deaths. Meanwhile, the gun industry will keep profiting off of the chaos, and will use that money to line the pockets of the politicians it wants to influence.

The only way out of this vicious cycle is for Americans to vote for candidates who understand and advocate for stricter federal, state and local gun laws, which are what actually make us safe, whether at home or in public places.




Griffin Dix, Ph.D., is co-chair of the Oakland/Alameda County Brady Chapter. His fifteen-year-old son, Kenzo, was shot and killed in 1994. This column was produced for The Progressive magazine and distributed by Tribune News Service.


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