A pro-Trump Georgia ticket makes its debut at rally

Greg Bluestein, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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Plenty of pro-Trump candidates showed up, too, without the former president’s embrace. Vernon Jones, a former Democrat trying to rebrand himself as a GOP conservative, is running against Gov. Brian Kemp without Trump’s endorsement. He used brief remarks to bash the governor for refusing to overturn the election results.

“Hold him accountable,” Jones told the crowd of Kemp. “So goes Georgia, so goes America.”

Interviews with more than a dozen attendees revealed other concerns, from opposition to Biden’s legislative agenda to fears that his foreign policy leaves the nation more vulnerable.

Nicki Jones drove in from Byron in part to show her disgust for coronavirus restrictions.

“I disagree with mandated vaccines. I see that as too much government intervention,” she said. “It’s about freedom and choice. I thought that’s what we are all about.”


The rally was more of a daylong spectacle than a series of political speeches. Crowds arrived early Saturday to a vast field where two giant screens displayed Georgia’s rout of Vanderbilt and a cover band played 1980s hits. A handful of food trucks hawked ice pops and sandwiches to long lines.

Democrats jeered the event from afar, egging on the internal feuding that helped depress GOP turnout in the January runoffs for U.S. Senate. Aside from the banner, which proclaimed “Tax the rich,” state and federal Democratic officials issued mocking statements about the rally.

“We’re not even going to pretend to be surprised at the incredible waste of time and money Trump is putting into the roadshow he’s bringing to Georgia,” said Adonna Biel of the Democratic National Committee.


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