Newsom, Jenner address California recall election integrity as voters hit the polls

Susanne Rust, Benjamin Oreskes, Faith E. Pinho and Melody Gutierrez, Los Angeles Times on

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Afterward, she threw her arms in the air, evoking the moment she won the 1976 Olympic decathlon.

As the reality television star and most prominent transgender political candidate in history weaved her way to the door, voters pulled her aside to ask for selfies and tell her they loved her.

Outside City Hall, the Republican candidate told the assembled media that if Newsom prevails, it will be the end of the state as she knows it.

Reporters repeatedly asked her about Elder’s claims of election fraud. Jenner sidestepped questions about whether that was appropriate and said anyone was better than Newsom.

“Larry Elder is running his campaign the way Larry Elder is running his campaign,” she said.

“I believe in the system. I believe in the state of California. I believe in our electoral system. I think it’s important that citizens of this state get together and make sure there’s integrity in our voting laws.”



Recall candidate and state Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, a Rocklin Republican, voted Tuesday, with a dozen supporters and campaign staff on hand as he brought his ballot into a mostly empty polling site at St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Roseville.

The lawmaker said he is optimistic, despite recent polling suggesting Newsom has a sizable lead in halting the recall effort.

“Gavin Newsom has trotted out Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama” and others, Kiley said, calling such moves a “sign of desperation.”

“At the end of the day, despite every attempt by our corrupt political class to take power away from the people, the people are still sovereign in this state, and the idea of ‘we the people’ still means something,” Kiley said.

Asked what his next step would be should the recall effort fail, Kiley said he wasn’t thinking that far ahead.

“I’m not making any decisions about even what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow morning,” he said. “We have been focused like a laser on getting out every vote in favor of the recall.”

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