Editorial: Iran's true promise of terror: A dud of an attack that meant to murder

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Operation True Promise, Iran’s missile and drone attack on Israel, a blatant act of war and the first-ever direct assault by Tehran on the Jewish state, was the most monumental flop in the history of combat, more embarrassing than the Spanish Armada or the Charge of the Light Brigade or Custer’s Last Stand.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, the shock troops of the ayatollahs, coordinated a massive barrage against Israel on Saturday night with more than 350 drones, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and rockets and they basically went zero for 350. Even grading on a generous curve, that’s a complete failure.

This was military incompetence on an unprecedented scale and the world breathes a sigh of relief at the carnage avoided.

It’s not that the mullah’s terror weapons exploded on the launch pads in Iran or blew up in the face of Iran’s henchmen in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, it’s that the onslaught was met and defeated in the air by the counter Operation Iron Shield of the Israel Defense Forces working in seamless symmetry with naval and air assets of the U.S. Central Command, British aircraft, French warships, along with Jordanian pilots.

The heroes were the daring allied pilots and Israel’s Iron Dome, Arrow 2, Arrow 3 and David’s Sling defensive systems and America’s land-based Patriot missiles and Aegis countermeasures on two destroyers in the Mediterranean.

Iran claims a great victory, but is it a victory to shoot off a rocket that fails to reach its target? A 7-year-old Israeli Arab Bedouin girl was critically wounded by the fallout. A Muslim child was the sole casualty of the Islamic Republic’s all-out effort and thankfully no religious shrines in the Holy City were hit.

Unless, of course, the hundreds of airborne weapons were designed to be intercepted, that this was part of an elaborate ruse, a fake-out on an enormous scale. Under this unbelievable scenario, Iran told neighboring Turkey about the plan and Turkey, a NATO ally of the U.S., with deep connections to the Pentagon, told the Americans. Then, forewarned, the good guys waited for the bad guys to foil their evil plot. As we said, unbelievable.


Will this outrage from Iran be enough for the U.S. Congress to finally approve President Biden’s request for a military aid package for Israel and Ukraine, which is also the target of Iranian drones in the hands of the invading Russians?

Remember, Israel was attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7 in a premeditated terror bloodbath. Had the defensive measures not succeeded, Iran’s 350 munitions could have intentionally killed thousands on Saturday.

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been begging for help, as his stocks grow low and Putin’s legions press deeper into the third year of the invasion. Defending democracy is always in the interests of the United States, whether over the night skies of the Middle East or by giving the besieged the tools to make their own fight.

Militant aggressors, like Hamas and Hezbollah and their masters in Iran and Putin will not relent. They must be defeated. And Iran was decisively defeated Saturday night no matter what they claim.

House Speaker Mike Johnson must ignore the dangerous isolationists, or even pro-Russian elements, in his Republican conference and put the joint Ukraine/Israel bill on the floor, where it will pass overwhelmingly.


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