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Exposing ‘Bootgate’

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That led to Politico — who says its mission is to give us “access to reliable information” and “nonpartisan journalism” — interviewing three boot experts who provided detailed analysis to prove that DeSantis is indeed wearing boots with lifts.

By this point the story about DeSantis’ boots had become great fodder for late night comics.

Jimmy Fallon said that the reason DeSantis hates Disney is that they won’t let him ride anything.

That’s a pretty good joke — but not as silly as our news media has become.

According to Gallup’s annual Trust in Media survey, Americans’ confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, fairly and accurately is at its lowest point since 2016, when Republicans’ trust plummeted.

In addition, in June Gallup found confidence readings in both TV news and newspapers that were near their historical lows and last December it found a record-low-tying rating of the honesty and ethics of journalists.

A majority of Republicans have long believed that the press is biased toward Democrat Party candidates. Today about 11% of Republicans have any trust in the media.

Republicans are much more likely to believe that Bootgate wouldn’t have become such a big story if a Democrat candidate like Biden or Obama was caught wearing lifts.


But here’s an interesting trend: Though a majority of Democrats still trust the media, about 58%, a growing number of Democrats are beginning to have their doubts. Last year, 70% of Democrats said they trusted the media.

No matter how you look at it, the news media’s numbers are not very good.

Goodness knows we need a robust press to uncover the truth about the people running for political office — a press that, for example, is as effective at holding politicians to account for their tax-and-spend policies as they are at investigating whether DeSantis has lifts in his boots.


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