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Exposing ‘Bootgate’

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Finally, the press is doing some hard-hitting reporting about our upcoming presidential election.

Some in the media are alleging that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wears lifts in his boots. Naturally, this “scandal” has taken on the name “Bootgate.”

Why does DeSantis’ height matter? Because throughout American history the taller presidential candidates generally defeat their shorter competitors.

LiveScience explains that the reason we vote for taller political leaders goes back to our caveman days, when height suggested a person was stronger and more capable of protecting us than were shorter people.

Though the tallest candidate generally wins, it isn’t always the case.

George W. Bush was two or three inches shorter than Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, one of our shorter presidents at 5 feet 9½ inches, was almost three inches shorter than Gerald Ford.


DeSantis is 5 feet 11 inches, about the average height of U.S. presidents. In 2019 Biden’s doctor measured him at 5 feet 11.65 inches.

The immediate challenge for DeSantis is that his presidential primary opponent Donald Trump is 6 feet 3 inches — and about 45 points ahead in the polls.

When Trump’s people noticed that DeSantis prefers to wear cowboy boots, they began joking about his height, suggesting he wore thick-heeled boots because he was insecure about his height.

Then a TikTok creator created a sketch of DeSantis’s boots, which appeared to show that DeSantis is wearing special boots to make him look taller. The nine-second video went viral.


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