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The dying art of Halloween costume humor

Tom Purcell on

Halloween is upon us, which means you’d better be cautious about the costume you choose.

Halloween has long been a staple of childhood, but in the past few decades it has been increasingly celebrated by adults — and for good reason.

Until recently, it was the one day where adults could dress up in funny, outrageous costumes that satirized popular culture and the complexity of modern life.

Dressing up as a rock star, Albert Einstein, a famous sports figure or some other pop icon could be fun and funny.

There should be some limits to our costumes, of course.

Any costume displaying blackface is certainly out, which is obvious to everyone, with the exception of some fools who one day aspire to run for political office.


Any costumes that appropriate or mock different cultures — dressing up as a Native American, such as Pocahontas — are no longer considered fun.

But, according to Good Housekeeping, Bustle, The Independent and others, any attempt to satirize or mock covid-19, one of the biggest events in the past 100 years, is also off limits.

The Independent explains why: “The coronavirus pandemic killed millions of people, and continues to seriously affect those who are unvaccinated. Any costume that resembles the SARS-CoV-2 virus, anti-vaxxers, or someone with covid-19 are to be avoided.”

I get the point, but I don’t fully agree.


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