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The Feds fail to see the light

Tom Purcell on

It cost plenty to make these changes, but I cut my electric bill in half.

But the point here is, in my case, it was my choice to switch to LEDs, not the federal government’s.

Unfortunately, not being able to choose our light bulbs is just one part of the federal government’s war on appliance choice, according to MSN.

The Biden Administration’s water- and energy-saving zealots are now demanding that dishwashers use about half as much water as they currently use per load — which is how the Clinton Administration wrecked clothes washing machines beginning in 2001.

Mandating stringent efficiency standards for water heaters, furnaces, refrigerators, air conditioners and portable generators — standards that some argue are impossible to meet and that only make appliances work less efficiently — is the worst kind of government meddling.

If you prefer the free market and want geniuses, such as Edison, to come up with new solutions and more efficient products for your kitchen, laundry room and furnace room, as I do, then you’re out of luck.


The primary inventors these days are the busybody Washington bureaucrats dreaming up a spate of ever-nuttier appliance regulations.


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