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The Feds fail to see the light

Tom Purcell on

Goodbye, incandescent light bulb.

You had a heck of a run before the government decided you wasted energy and effectively outlawed you out of existence.

The incandescent bulb remains one of the greatest inventions in human history.

By sending an electrical current through a thin filament that resides inside a bulb to keep the oxygen out, light is produced.

Until Edison improved them, the pre-1870 bulbs were finicky, noisy and burned out fast.

He introduced a carbonized-bamboo filament that made the light bulb cheap, bright and able to last up to 1,200 hours.


We’d been pretty much using Edison’s light-bulb technology since 1870, so why did the federal government ban it on Aug. 1?

As electricity passes through the filament in the old bulb, you see, the filament gets white hot and produces light.

But heat is essentially wasted energy.

And since our electric energy comes from power plants, most of which still burn coal to produce it, that means your grandpa’s old incandescent lights bulbs are bad for the environment.


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