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Jimmy Buffett was a super-spreader of happiness

Tom Purcell on

There’s a reason the name “Jimmy Buffett” elicits immediate joy in the hearts of millions: happiness contagion.

A study conducted by Harvard University and the University of California followed 5,000 people for 20 years to determine if happiness was contagious.

The study’s finding: it most certainly is.

If you smile at a stranger as you hold a door open for him, you transfer a positive, happy energy that he can’t help but enjoy.

Better yet, according to Psychology Today, the study finds that the happiness you just infused in a stranger is shared by him to approximately three others, who in turn share it with others and so on.

Jimmy Buffet, who died Sept. 1 at age 76, was a master of happiness contagion — filling me with joy since I first heard of him at a “Buffet Party” in a Penn State dorm room back in the 1980s.


Buffet said that his audience worked hard all week long and it was his job to give fans two full hours of joy and have fun doing it.

He knew exactly what he was doing as an entertainer.

“It’s pure escapism is all it is,” he told the Republic. “… I think it’s really a part of the human condition that you’ve got to have some fun. You’ve got to get away from whatever you do to make a living or other parts of life that stress you out.”

For someone who portrayed himself as laid back and easy going, he was actually a happy workaholic.


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