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Thurber’s Tail: Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Tom Purcell on

Editor's Note: Long-time syndicated humor columnist Tom Purcell has just launched a new, second weekly column, called Thurber's Tail. It features pet advice, humorous pet videos and stories about his beloved pup, Thurber the yellow Lab.

I love Halloween and all the fun and the silliness it entails.

However, as a new dog dad — my lovable Labrador, Thurber, is in his 22nd month — I’m learning that our beloved pets face no small number of Halloween risks that we must protect them from.

Beware Halloween Treats

Many Halloween treats are dangerous to our furry friends. Most pet lovers know that chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs.

But did you know that candies and gum may have artificial sweeteners that are also toxic to pets?


According to The American Kennel Club, an ingredient called xylitol is in many sugar-free confections, but

it is also found in items such as toothpaste and peanut butter — beware of your neighbor’s home-baked cookies.

Gum and hard candies may also be difficult for pets to digest. Large quantities of either — which is the only quantity Thurber eats if he is able to get at a full bowl of treats — can “clump up in the stomach and cause a risk of obstruction,” says the AKC.

Raisins, which are sometimes given out as Halloween treats, are great for humans, but did you know they can cause renal failure in dogs?


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