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Thurber’s Tail: How NOT to Name a Puppy!

Tom Purcell on

Friends turned on friends.

Family members spoke ill of other family members.

Strangers on social media wrote posts that are unprintable in most newspapers.

That’s what happened 21 months ago when I asked people for advice on what to name my new puppy.

At First, His Name Was Willy

During the eight weeks they nurtured my puppy and his eight siblings, his breeders, Mike and Maryanne, gave each of them a temporary name. They named my future puppy “Willy.”


He wasn’t the smallest in the litter, nor the largest. He wasn’t the best looking, nor the worst.

He was the most laid back, however.

Whereas some of the pups were clearly Type A personalities — bossy and demanding and way too smart, energetic and alert — my guy was sleepy and silly and happy to stand back from the pack.

“Willy” really was a good name for this pup and I was tempted to keep it.


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