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Laughs to ease your election pain

Tom Purcell on

I’ve long written about our rapidly growing government debt — I’ve documented its massive rise over the past decade — but nobody explained government waste better than O’Rourke:

“It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth,” he said. “Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money.”

Alas, though human imperfections abound in our government and electoral process, matters could be worse, as one Russian citizen notes:

“Americans complain because it takes so long to get a definitive result from their elections,” he says. “In my country, we know our results months in advance!”

The best we can do during election week is remember that there will be other elections. Let us hope and pray the candidates who win are the ones that offer our country the best solutions.

In the meantime, the very best we can do is learn from the example of President Jimmy Carter.


Even though he only served one term, he left the White House with a tremendous sense of humor.

“My esteem in our country has gone up substantially,” he said, upon leaving office. “It is very nice now when people wave at me, that they use all their fingers.”


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