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Laughs to ease your election pain

Tom Purcell on

This week half the country will be upset by the midterm election results and half will be elated.

Regardless, politics is causing every one of us more stress than it ought to, but, believe it or not, there is, hopefully, still some humor that we can all enjoy.

Since Congress has a lower approval rating than polio, here are some fun lines to share:

It’s so cold today, the congresswoman had her hands in her own pockets.

The opposite of “pro” is “con,” so the opposite of progress is: Congress.

Q: What did the corrupt congressman order for lunch on Election Day? A: Stuffed ballots.


Here’s one of my favorite old congressperson jokes:

A congressman is walking through D.C. when he is approached by a mugger with a gun.

“Give me all your money,” says the mugger.

“You can’t rob me,” says the congressman. “I’m an esteemed member of the U.S. Congress.”


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