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Must I glue my eyes to the TV?

Danny Tyree on

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

I had forgotten about it, but my father once reminisced about finding elementary school-aged me habitually “watching” TV with my back turned to the set.

He said I explained that I could imagine more interesting scenes in my mind.

The real demonstration of my creativity was that I could conjure a more tactful response than “How about springing for a color TV, Ebenezer?”

I still have trouble giving the boob tube my undivided attention.

My wife and I dearly enjoy certain programs; they are not just background noise. But our busy lifestyle forces us to multitask. In my case, I scroll through newspaper PDFs, outline a column or answer email while casting glances at the screen.


But several recent trends make even the most visually boring programs a hassle to take for granted.

Perhaps the most innocuous is the unexpected transition to a scene where characters are conversing in American Sign Language (ASL).

Truly, it is heartwarming that the hearing-impaired are no longer marginalized as nonexistent; but when I recognize a conspicuous silence and scramble to rewind to play catch-up, it’s just one more example of Hollywood guilt-tripping me.

(“You can’t dance like celebrities on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or sing like contestants on ‘The Voice’ or spend money like the clowns on C-SPAN. You didn’t even learn ASL. Or marry a doctor who knows ASL. Or give me grandchildren who used ASL in the delivery room…”)


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