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Remember the Las Vegas Vampire?

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Filmgoers addicted to today’s standards of gore might bemoan the restrained nature of the movie, but the Network Standards and Practices people had spent 20-plus years protecting viewers from disturbing elements. (“Quick! More parents with dead spouses! More people smoking cancer sticks! But no karate chops!”)

Some fume that vampire Janos Skorzeny wasn’t given a more nuanced, sympathetic treatment. They wouldn’t be satisfied unless Kolchak took along a social worker to coax the vampire into experiencing a “Wow! I could’a had a V8!” moment.

Like every year, 2022 will be a buyer’s market for columnists wishing to write about cultural anniversaries; but I couldn’t in good conscience pass up this occasion.

Not when “The Night Stalker” left such an indelible mark.

My trip to Las Vegas in the mid-90s is still a blur, but I was supposedly screaming, “Don’t show me the room with the HIGH stakes – show me the one with the WOODEN stakes!”



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