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The legacy media's Biden cover-up is failing

Neil Patel on

We live in a time when many people are so partisan that their views are easy to predict based solely on their political persuasion. If you're a hardcore Republican, you're pretty sure hydroxychloroquine is a solid treatment for COVID-19, and if you're a big-time Democrat, you know hydroxychloroquine is ineffective and even dangerous. Our system is so partisan that nothing is beyond politics -- even our choice of medicines.

This sad truth becomes flat-out tragic when it comes to topics like sexual assault. Former Joe Biden Senate staffer Tara Reade has accused Biden of sexually assaulting her back in 1993. The reality is nobody in the world besides Biden and Reade can know for sure what happened between the two of them back then. As is often the case with sexual assault, there were no witnesses. There are factors we can look at, such as what the alleged perpetrator and victim told others at the time. But even those are not definitive. What that means, in our political system, is that each side believes their guy no matter what.

Reasonable people know the possibility of sexual assault exists in both political parties. When it comes to sexual assault allegations, however, we default to our warring camps. Each side believes every sexual assault allegation against the other, no matter how outlandish, and dismisses every sexual assault allegation against their own, no matter how credible.

There are two groups deserving of special scrutiny in our cycle of politicized sex scandals: the media and the women's or victims' rights advocates. Christine Blasey Ford did not have any corroborating witnesses of her allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That doesn't mean she was lying, of course, but it's important evidence. Julie Swetnick, whose accusations against Kavanaugh were flat-out outlandish, couldn't prove she'd ever even met Kavanaugh. By contrast, there are at least five people who can provide some level of corroboration for Reade:

No. 1: Her mother, who appears to have called in to Larry King's television program to complain about her daughter's treatment in a Washington senator's office.

No. 2: Her brother, who confirmed that Reade told him of the alleged incident back when it happened.


No. 3: Her former neighbor Lynda LaCasse, who confirmed that Reade told her of the incident decades ago.

No. 4: Another Reade friend, who confirmed to The Intercept that Reade told her of the incident back when it allegedly happened.

No. 5: Reade's former co-worker Lorraine Sanchez, who says Reade told her about a sexual assault by her boss in Washington when they were working together years later in California.

None of this proves it happened the way Reade says it did, but it certainly adds a level of credibility to Reade's charges.


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