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Trump takes jabs at Biden's mental fitness

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Trump's visit to Pennsylvania comes just as Gov. Tom Wolf dictated a plan that rolls out selective openings of the state -- a move that has frustrated many rural counties that have been told to remain closed despite a moderately low number of cases and deaths. The governor has threatened dire economic consequences for counties that defy his order including withholding federal stimulus funds, revoking liquor licenses and making them ineligible for business liability insurance.

In the interview, Trump voiced support for the counties that are challenging the orders.

Pennsylvania is a key part of a region that includes Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, which ended their Democratic presidential voting streaks in 2016 to support Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. A win in Pennsylvania is considered critical but not mathematically essential for the Republican president.

A new poll conducted by SSRS for CNN showed that nationwide, Trump trails Biden, but in the battleground states, which include Pennsylvania, 52% favored Trump, and 45% favored Biden.

Ahead of Trump's event, supporters were lined up for well over a mile, having waited hours to greet him, waving American flags and Trump signs.

Trump boasted of the crowds during the interview. "That's your poll," he said.


He also touted the prospects of Sean Parnell, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb for the 17th Congressional District in western Pennsylvania -- exactly the sort of race that will be crucial to Republican hopes of retaking the House.

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump spoke about the upcoming election, the battle against the coronavirus, economic recovery, energy and China, among other issues.


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