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This year, America should resolve to end elitism

Ruben Navarrette Jr. on

And yet, for all the recent sightings of elitism, the concept is still widely misunderstood. It's not about money, class, privilege or status. It's not about having access to power, or being part of a protected group, or breathing rarified air.

It's about how you handle any -- or all -- of these things. And when you don't handle it well, and it goes to your head, it's about thinking that you're better than other people. When you're not.

It's an affliction that cuts across ideological lines. Conservatives act like they're more patriotic than liberals, while liberals are convinced that they're more compassionate than conservatives.

Half the country is busy looking down their noses at the other half. And then, in an instant, the half being looked down upon changes the criteria and looks down on the first half.

Enough already. This needs to stop. For the good of the nation, and the well-being of its people, I can't think of a better New Year's resolution for America than to get rid of elitism.

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The stakes are high. It's a plague that is killing a great country -- one insult, one eye roll, one snark at a time.


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