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Aztec debate proves best path is often in the middle

SAN DIEGO -- Let's hear it for the redemptive power of the third way. There is a lot to be said for finding a crafty solution that helps navigate a sticky situation without being sucked into the vortex of all-or-nothing.

The best answer is often found in the center. You have to respect leaders who reject the false choice between extreme ...Read more

Rash of hateful incidents leaves Latinos feeling unwelcome

SAN DIEGO -- For Latinos trying to survive the Age of Trump with their dignity intact, the hate just keeps on coming.

Americans can't make up their minds whether they want to appropriate Latino culture or stamp it out altogether. One minute, everyone in the country is going loco for Latinos; the next, they've just gone plum loco.

It's time to ...Read more

Trump's 'animal' instincts toward immigrants go beyond MS-13

SAN DIEGO -- The world of politics can be a zoo. So it was only a matter of time before the demagogue-in-chief labeled some illegal immigrants "animals."

It happened last week during a White House meeting that had the vibe of a carnival freak show. President Trump met with officials from California who, judging from their remarks, are itching ...Read more

California governor's race is no day at the beach

SAN DIEGO -- What if California held a race for governor and a big chunk of Californians couldn't care less?

When I go to events, meetings or social engagements, people often talk about politics. The name "Trump" comes up. But no one ever talks about the California governor's race, even though the crucial June 5 open primary is just a couple of...Read more

Care for your garden -- but care for people, too

SAN DIEGO -- Commencement speeches should pose a challenge. At this moment, it's clear what message graduates -- and the rest of us -- need to hear:

"Instead of aiming for a better job and a bigger house, strive for something that is often more difficult to achieve: being a better person. Don't be self-centered. Make a positive impact on others...Read more

America can't decide if we have too many immigrants or too few

SAN DIEGO -- Americans are confused. We can't decide whether to get rid of immigrants because they scare us -- or import more of them because they make our lives comfortable.

One minute, President Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants, gut legal immigration and build a wall. The next, he wants to bring in guest workers -- probably from ...Read more

Pence goes to Arizona -- and loses his way

SAN DIEGO -- Politics is making me sick. I have written about pandering, broken promises, partisan spin, opinion polls, situational ethics, flip-flopping, echo chambers, red and blue states and all the rest for 30 years. And it has taken a toll. I've never been more cynical or more distrustful.

Spend most of your time in swamps, and pretty soon...Read more

Police in traffic stop didn't deserve scolding

SAN DIEGO -- Elitism is ugly. If you want to know how ugly, just watch the widely circulated video of an arrogant, obnoxious and profane political appointee scolding a couple of police officers during a traffic stop in Tenafly, New Jersey (

The cringe-worthy encounter occurred over Easter weekend, and the dashcam ...Read more

For journalists, dishonesty is not the best policy

SAN DIEGO -- The dustup over an offensive rant by a comedian at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner should prompt journalists to take a hard look at themselves and their profession, and ask what has become of both in the era of Donald Trump.

For one thing, members of the media should investigate whether some of them have ...Read more

Cable TV loses clarity and provides static

SAN DIEGO -- Much of cable television has become toxic. The poison comes from overheated primetime shows that blend together things that don't mix: news, analysis and opinion.

I've been a guest on these shows on multiple networks for more than 15 years, dating back to my first appearance on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor." Bill O'Reilly and I ...Read more

Can you mix marriage with politics? Depends on your gender

SAN DIEGO -- I've written about politics for 30 years, and I've been happily married for half as long. And, from making my way through the trenches of both adventures, here is what I've learned: My wife and I will at times disagree about politics. And, when this happens, I'm always wrong.

Well, that explains the "happily married" part.

Even ...Read more

Silly politicians, troops are for war

SAN DIEGO -- In the Southwest, four governors are sending National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. To understand how dangerous this could be, you can listen to politicians or poets.

Consider what California Gov. Jerry Brown -- the only Democrat in that cohort -- said last week at the National Press Club in Washington. Reluctant to honor...Read more

Paul Ryan lost his way before finding the exit

SAN DIEGO -- Paul Ryan has got to be looking forward to spending more time with his children, and less time defending a president who can't stop acting like an adolescent.

For the speaker of the House -- who says he will leave Congress after this term and not run for office again -- making lunches and driving carpool is a step up from having to...Read more

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