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With his flip-flopping on Latinos, Newt is a chameleon

SAN DIEGO -- No mas, Newt!

After two decades of watching the former House speaker wrestle clumsily with Latino outreach, I can't take any more flip-flopping.

Newt Gingrich cannot seem to make up his mind about whether Republicans get more benefit from approaching America's largest minority with an open palm -- or a clenched fist.

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With Trump's subsidy, farmers grow distrustful of simple solutions

SAN DIEGO -- Take it from this country boy, Mr. President.

Farmers -- including those in my native Central California -- don't need your handout. They just want you to remove your boot from their neck so they can make a living.

The Trump administration is offering an estimated $12 billion in farm aid, which is about the last thing farmers need...Read more

Winning isn't what it used to be in New York's 14th District

SAN DIEGO -- Have you been keeping track of the telenovela in New York's 14th Congressional District? If not, you're missing quite a show.

The primary election may be over, but the drama continues. And instead of the picture getting clearer for Democrats in a district that is made up of Queens and the Bronx, the outlook is murkier than ever.

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California sanctuary law is phony, but the pain it causes is real

SAN DIEGO -- When we argue about California's so-called "sanctuary state" law, we might as well be arguing about unicorns.

Just as there is no such thing as a one-horned fantastical creature, so too is there no sanctuary for illegal immigrants in California.

It's a blatant lie that, as Trump administration officials claim, California is ...Read more

Diversity easier to achieve than empathy

SAN DIEGO -- A columnist should always admit when he is wrong, but not enough of us are willing to go to confession.

Thankfully, I'm a happily married man with a wife who is more than happy to point out when I'm wrong. And she does a lot of pointing.

Let me confess: I was wrong. For most of my life, I've assumed that diversity would lead ...Read more

Kavanaugh has most important quality in Supreme Court picks: character

SAN DIEGO -- Judging Supreme Court nominees is tricky. Whether the assessment is taking place formally by lawmakers in the Senate Judiciary Committee, or informally by everyday Americans at water coolers across the country, there are many unknowns.

Nominees are usually careful not to give any hints during their confirmation hearings about how ...Read more

Abolishing ICE is not the answer

SAN DIEGO -- Abolish ICE?

As political catchphrases go, it'll do just fine. It's pithy and punchy. It fits on a bumper sticker. Whether it infuriates or inspires you, it fires you up.

The one thing the slogan doesn't do is make you think, because that is not the point of it.

Think on this: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a baby ...Read more

Mexico's elections weren't about Trump, but it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

SAN DIEGO -- Ay, Chihuahua!

A lot of U.S. columnists, TV commentators and radio hosts haven't let a little thing like the fact that they know nothing about our neighbor to the south stop them from trying to explain the significance of Mexico's presidential election.

This bitter cocktail of ignorance mixed with arrogance must be what ...Read more

White Democrats battle demographics -- and lose

SAN DIEGO -- The recent upset in New York's 14th Congressional District brought some valuable political lessons.

Twenty-eight-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was outspent 18-to-1 by 56-year-old Joe Crowley. But she still walloped the 10-term congressman in the Democratic primary by an impressive 15 points.

When the daughter of a Puerto Rican...Read more

My immigration fix: Honesty plus a 20-point plan

SAN DIEGO -- No matter which political party they hail from, immigration "solutions" usually come in three varieties: half-baked, hateful and hideous.

You'll find all of the above as Americans from across the fruited plain refuse to let their ignorance about the issue stop them from putting in their 2 cents about how to solve the crisis at hand...Read more

Both parties fail refugees -- and America along with them

SAN DIEGO -- Now that both sides have had their bouts of deflection and denial, we must untangle the mess at the U.S.-Mexico border.

As you know, a big part of that mess is that -- before they could plead their case for refugee status -- more than 2,500 children were separated with no plan to reunite them with their families.

America doesn't ...Read more

Trump's executive order won't fix broken dialogue on immigration

SAN DIEGO -- It's not often that President Trump finds the courage to do the right thing when it comes to immigrants and refugees. In fact, he usually does the wrong thing -- and sometimes for a ghastly reason.

That's what happens when you spend your days pandering to the racist sliver of America worried that immigration threatens the culture, ...Read more

Liberals get 'woke' that families at the border get separated

SAN DIEGO -- In the words attributed to the great Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran: "No mas!" I can't take it anymore.

Even as a Mexican-American "Never Trumper" who has been attacked for three decades by racists and restrictionists for defending illegal immigrants, I've had my fill of the recent surge of convenient and politically driven ...Read more

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