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Republicans Are Not a Funny National Joke

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Making Sense By Michael Reagan

The world is going to hell and taking America’s wealth, military power and geopolitical influence with it.

Thanks to the terrorists of Hamas, we’re slowly being pulled deeper into a war in Israel that could set the whole Middle East on fire.

And remember the bloody war in Ukraine?

It’s been blasted off the front page, but after 20 months it’s still an ongoing slaughter, despite more than $100 billion from U.S. taxpayers to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia.

It would be fair to argue that if Donald Trump or any random Republican had been in charge of our country’s foreign policy since 2021, these two bloody wars would never have started in the first place.


But now, given the clown show that’s been playing in the House of Representatives for weeks, I’m not so sure.

Republicans have become a running national joke that is bigger than the Biden presidency because they can’t even choose a Speaker for their own party.

As of this writing, everything is still up in the air – or going down the GOP toilet, whichever you prefer.

It’s no wonder so many Republicans I talk to say they aren’t going to vote for Republicans next year.


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