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The GOP can’t survive the Only Trumpers

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Too bad Donald Trump won’t attend the second Republican presidential primary debate next week at the Ronald Reagan Library.

His friends and enemies in the media will miss him and the high ratings he automatically generates, but he’s leading by a huge margin in the polls and he doesn’t need the TV time or media attention.

And though nothing he ever says at this point in his political life can hurt him among his 74 million followers, Trump figures any minor benefit from being in a primary debate is not worth the risk of having some hopeless longshot show him up on stage.

Trump’s decision serves his campaign’s purposes in the same way President Biden helps his campaign by refusing to take part in a primary debate.

But by skipping the primary debates Trump is making a serious mistake that undermines the strength of the Republican Party – which already is weak and in deep doo-do.


Trump's decision is unfortunate because Republicans need to watch real debates among all their party's frontrunners.

We need to see if the other candidates can stand up under constant attack, because whoever becomes president will be constantly attacked by Democrats, the liberal media and foreign leaders.

Trump handled himself pretty well under a lot of pressure during his four years in office, but that was three years ago.

How will he do today? We should be able to watch the 2023 Model Trump in action, but we won’t because he's playing safe and selfish.


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