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Reagan family values versus Biden family values

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

“In the eight years that my father was President of the United States I never once sat in the room with business associates and called him on the phone. If I had, the Democrats would have skewered me.”

When I posted that tweet the other day, it got a huge response.

As we know from this week’s big whistleblower news, over the course of 10 years – while Joe Biden was vice president and when he was out of power – Hunter Biden put his father on speaker phone at least 20 times during meetings he was having with foreign business people.

That bombshell proved Joe Biden was lying all those times he told voters and the media that he never once talked with Hunter about his sweet business deals with Ukrainian gas companies and Chinese banks.

It also showed how differently Joe and my father were when it came to using the power and political influence of the presidency to enrich their extended families and friends.


The story of how my father “helped” me goes back to Election Night in 1966.

My dad was running for governor of California. I was 21 and working on a trucking dock in Los Angeles, loading oil well freight from 5 p.m. to 1:30 am.

I had just dropped out of college. And when I did, my parents laid down the law.

They said, “While you were in college, we picked up the tab. But now that you’ve dropped out, you get to pick up the tab. Find a place to live and get a job.”


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