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Black icons are AWOL on smash-and-grabbers

Michael Reagan on

Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Another week, another lame Trump indictment.

Another week, another slimy Hunter Biden report.

Another week, another smash-and-grab at a California mall.

You can’t get away from this crummy stuff unless you turn off the TV, take the alerts off your phone and sleep all day on the beach for a week like Joe Biden.

But I’m totally worn out by the never-ending troubles and crimes of Trump and Hunter.


Nothing that happens to either of them in a courtroom months or years from now will hurt me, cut high gas prices or make my family safer.

What concerns me more than anything now are smash-and-grabs like the one that occurred in Los Angeles last weekend at a Nordstrom store inside Westfield Topanga Mall, which my family goes to all the time.

You’ve no doubt seen the video or one like it – a mob-style robbery by about 30 masked young men who smash display cases, grab expensive merchandise and race out the door.

Between $60,000 and $100,000 in merchandise reportedly was stolen by the well-organized gang.


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