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Politicians’ brains are a bipartisan problem

Michael Reagan on

Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Seriously folks.

Maybe we Republicans better stop banging on Old Joe Biden for the serious cognitive issues he obviously has.

Unless we hold the players on our own team responsible for their cognitive issues, we have to stop harping on the obvious mental declines of President Biden, Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Diane Feinstein, my home state’s ancient senator.

I’m talking of course about the problem of what to do about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s shaky brain.

The Republican Senate minority leader had another one of his sad and scary public freeze-ups while talking to the press on Wednesday.


McConnell suddenly went silent on camera and stared into the distance after being asked whether he plans to run for re-election in 2026.

Mitch came out of his trance-like state in less than a minute, but the public damage to his image was done.

The 81-year-old Kentucky senator showed the entire world that he’s eligible to move into the Republican wing of the newly built Bidenland Rest Home, where the president, Fetterman and Feinstein are charter residents.

Don’t look now, but the greatest country in the world is being led by a bunch of cognitively “challenged” politicians you wouldn’t trust to walk your dog.


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