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The sad descent of Disney

Michael Reagan on

My granddaughters – age 4 and 6 – love going to these animated Disney/Pixar movies, but there’s no way my son Cameron is going to take them and have to explain in the middle of the movie what’s going on between the two women.

Once upon a time, when you went to a movie made by the Disney Company or watched its shows on TV you knew you were going to be able to escape the grim, sordid or politicized stuff polluting our society.

You knew you’d be able to laugh and enjoy the show for a couple hours.

And you knew that your kids were not going to be indoctrinated or confused by values and ideas about sex, politics and lifestyles that deliberately undermined yours.

It’s outrageous what is going on at Disney. I’m 77. I’ll be gone in the not too distant future, but what about my grandchildren?

Their parents shouldn’t be afraid to take them to a Disney movie or let them stream “Toy Story 12.”


We’ve already had six sci-fi movies from Hollywood based on the “Transformers” franchise. Will next year’s blockbuster be “The Transgenders”?

For my grandkids’ sake, I hope not.


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