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Is This What You Voted For?

Laura Hollis on

I've noticed that the Joe Biden voters I know personally -- as well as those I have followed on social media for some time -- have grown remarkably quiet since Biden entered the White House. I'm not talking about professionally clueless Hollywood celebrities, Democratic Party operatives or the media (same thing), who lie daily as they provide demonstrably specious rah-rahs for the senile old man who dodders around the White House, signs executive orders whose content he doesn't know, looks around bemusedly on speaking daises and stumbles up the Air Force One stairs.

I'm talking about regular Americans who voted for the man.

I see hundreds of articles on Facebook and Twitter that point out what's going on, and I keep waiting for the full-throated endorsements of the actions taken by this administration since Jan. 20, as well as the consequences therefrom. But those who used to chime in and denounce former President Donald Trump and predict all the wonderful things Biden was going to do say nothing or say very little beyond "Well, at least he isn't Trump."

Hey, Biden voters, where are your cheers for the direction of the country under the current president? The one we're told 81 million of you voted for?

I find the inability to generate widespread public support of the present policies -- purportedly of the Biden administration -- telling. (For the record, I don't think Biden is running the show. We can all speculate about who the powers behind the scene really are.) It's as if the primary (or only) motivation behind support for Biden last year was a knee-jerk "anybody but Trump" reaction. But with Donald Trump no longer present as a lightning rod for media ire and the dutiful hysteria of the schools of fish that follow along, the enthusiasm for Biden (such as it was) has waned in the face of reality.

And what an unpleasant reality it is.


Biden has a history of untruthfulness that continues. He lies about the Trump administration's role in getting hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses produced. He lies about U.S. COVID deaths, about the tax bill Trump passed as president and about the new Georgia election-integrity legislation. (The Washington Post gave Biden's statement four Pinocchios.)

Washington, D.C., remains a militarized zone, with areas still cordoned off by high fencing, razor wire and checkpoints with armed guards. The capitol of the "freest nation in the world" looks like Burma or East Berlin.

The Biden administration's decision to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline has cost jobs and billions in investments, poses environmental hazards (transportation must now move to rail or truck) and threatens the energy independence America had established under the Trump administration for the first time in more than six decades.

Is this what you voted for?


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