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The damage done to the Democratic party is driving people away in droves

Laura Hollis on

The antifa and BLM protests and violence won't stop. Why should they? Those tactics have worked; Democratic governors and mayors have caved to the rioters and allowed them to wreak havoc in city after city.

The Green New Deal environmental extremists clamoring to shut down entire industries will expect action to be taken on those fronts, too. And they will be utterly unconcerned with the impact on small businesses, which are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy.

Others who will expect payback include those who demand the police be defunded, that the Second Amendment be abolished and that the federal government take control of housing and zoning. Then there are the perennial demands for the elimination of school choice and for much higher taxes.

Democrats I know who are supporting the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket can't stand Trump and are fond of the Joe Biden they knew from the 1970s, '80s and '90s. They don't see -- or they refuse to believe -- that Biden is quite likely a temporary figurehead, and that vice presidential candidate Harris -- his likely successor -- is a consummate politician whose principles are, shall we say, malleable. This leaves the party at the very top susceptible to manipulation by special interests behind the scenes.

Democrats I talk to don't see the riots in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Portland and Kenosha; or the prolonged shutdowns in Michigan, Illinois and New York; or the flight from states like Washington, New York, Oregon, Illinois and California as harbingers of the future. They've been told that electing Biden will fix all that, and they believe it.

There are Democrats who see what's happening. Some including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Joe Manchin are trying to work within the party (despite being courted by the GOP) to bring about the changes they see as necessary. Other high-profile Democrats like Leo Terrell and Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones have all but left the party. And then there are the untold number of former Democratic voters who've joined the #WalkAway and #BLEXIT movements and left the Democratic Party.

These events and shifts in politician and voter sentiments are treated as de minimis distractions by the Democrats and the media.


I'm not convinced.

In some very important respects, Donald Trump is a bigger threat to the Democrats than he is to the GOP in that unified opposition to him has enabled the Democratic Party's national leadership to ignore, deflect attention from or paper over the internal fissures and horrifically bad decisions that threaten the party's future.

My patriotic friends who still vote Democrat -- like the #NeverTrump Republicans -- believe they'll get rid of Trump and all will be right in the world. No one's asking what they'll do when they find out they've been deceived.


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