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We must condemn Hamas and those among us who support the terror

Christine Flowers on

That is what the presence of evil does, it transcends time and space, air and ocean to reach us.

The evil perpetrated by Hamas this week is that same evil, only magnified. While the murder of innocent adult athletes was a horror that forever changed the political landscape, the more recent acts of barbarism against Jews in Gaza seem to dwarf it.

That is because the murdered now include teenagers at a concert, elderly couples, and the most diabolical of all acts, the decapitation and murder of babies.

Nothing justifies it, and people like AOC and Rashida Tlaib and some of the most vile Philadelphians who populate our streets are beneath contempt for even making the


In defending Palestine, and the people who made Hamas possible, they are defending infanticide. And they do it with defiance, and ghoulish smiles and raised fists of solidarity.

These are bad people. These are truly evil, in their own right.


And unless we stand up and condemn them as well as the actual perpetrators of these crimes, we become like the person who remained silent as the Communists, the Socialists, the trade unionists and the Jews … the Jews … were destroyed.

And by not speaking out in black-and-white terms, demanding justice only for the Israelis whose blood was shed by those who shed their own humanity, we will be next.

They will not come for us with knives, and guns and screams. They will have already annihilated our very souls, and that is the most precious possession of all.


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