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It’s hard to believe I agree with Kamala Harris about something

Christine Flowers on

Imagine saying that Anne Frank honed some amazing journaling skills while in hiding from the SS. Imagine suggesting that the experiences Primo Levi and Eli Weisel lived through in their respective captivity taught them resilience, and that what they learned became the basis of some of the greatestliterature of all time.

Imagine doing that.

On second thought, imagine screaming back that this is madness, cruel and utterly repulsive.

That’s what I would do. That’s what we should all do.

When my father went to Mississippi in 1967, he met some men and women who maintained an amazing sense of dignity even under the oppression of Jim Crow.

It never occurred to him to think that Jim Crow benefited them in some ways by helping them become “resilient.”


I’m very sad that some conservatives doubled down when they were told how wrong they were. I’m angry that they tried to gaslight us into believing we were the crazy folk.

And I am again reminded that if you tolerate mediocrity from your friends, you cannot then criticize it in your enemies.


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