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It’s hard to believe I agree with Kamala Harris about something

Christine Flowers on

She was picked as Joe Biden’s running mate because she checked off the right boxes, including the one that says “make friends with the candidate who called you a racist, you know, that little girl, senator, on the bus, that was her.”

But she has a point. It really never ends well when you try and find a positive spin about slavery.

After Kamala made her statements about Florida trying to point out how some slaves actually “benefited” from slavery, a number of progressives picked up the chant and it became a thing on social media.

The problem is, it should have been a thing. It should have been brought to the attention of the public, moaned about by the grifter hosts on MSNBC for a few days, and then put to rest with a clear acknowledgement from us — from conservatives — that this was a mistake, and that the sentence needed to be removed from the curriculum.

Instead what happened was the typical circling of the wagons, with some ridiculous narrative twisting from people like Twitter darling Allie Beth Stuckey, a podcast host who continued to argue that slavery taught slaves resilience.

This is an actual tweet from this prolific pundit:


“What’s more offensive? Saying some slaves benefitted from skills they learned while enslaved, or using slavery to cover for your anti-DeSantis grift?”

I replied:

“I’m pretty sure, blondie, it’s saying slavery had an upside. My God, I never realized the conservative movement had such mediocre shills.”

Imagine, for a course on the Holocaust, that you suggest that skills Jews and other prisoners of the Nazi regime developed might have benefited them if they were eventually liberated.


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