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Treat Kamala Harris Like a Human Being

Christine Flowers on

I won’t trash her educational pedigree.

I won’t examine her romances.

I won’t criticize those pearls or that hair.

I won’t harass her stepkids.

I won’t attack her faith, or lack thereof.

I won’t make fun of her cadence.

I won’t ridicule her reading habits.

I won’t snicker at her hobbies.


I won’t stalk her neighbors for intel.

I won’t research her husband’s associations.

I will go after her politics, which are generally anathema. I will ignore her ovaries and skin color and ethnicity. I will do her the favor the hypocrites on the left refused to extend to Palin.

I will treat her like a human being. That’s all anyone of us deserves and these days, rarely gets.

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