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Cut Israel Loose

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It is useful when you feel stumped to step back and ask yourself: What if I were coming to this person/situation/decision fresh, without precedents or historical baggage?

Inertia is a powerful and insidious force. How many times, working in an office, when you ask why something is done a certain way, do you get the circular answer that it's because it's always been done that way?

About that friend you've had since you were both kids: Sure, you've known each other for decades. If you met the guy now, for the first time, though, would you still want to hang out?

What about your job? It may have been a good fit when you first took it. Is your workplace still better than what's available now?

If your answer is no, perhaps you're due for a rethink -- and possibly a radical change.

America is long overdue for a rethink of its toxic relationship with Israel.


We've been in deep with Israel since its creation. Supporting the creation of the Jewish state helped Harry Truman win a close election in 1948. Israel served as a bulwark against Soviet influence in neighboring Egypt and Syria during the Cold War. But we aren't afraid of the commies anymore. Israel is no longer pretending to be a democracy.

Why are we still together?

It's not like we're getting much out of this romance. We pay Israel nearly $4 billion a year even though they are living better than we are, with national health care and subsidized college tuition. They don't have oil. Every time they murder a Palestinian, the bullet or the bomb is stamped "Made in USA" -- which makes us a target for Islamist terrorism. Our relationship with Israel is an alliance, not a marriage, so we never promised "for better, or for worse." But even if we had, so what? You're surely allowed to run out the door when your partner is draining your bank account, ruining your reputation and dragging you into fights. If he's turning violently insane, you should split.

Israel's war in Gaza makes one thing clear: Israel has lost its mind. It's time to cut them loose before they suck us down their maelstrom of madness.


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