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What Should He Do?

Susan Estrich on

He is President Joe Biden. The answer, at a minimum, is that more of the same just won't do. Biden's presidency, to date, has been a failure.

The real question is whether it is too late.

For cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving (they say the price will be 50% higher if you buy your cranberries in preciously scarce cans).

For sleds for Christmas.

For the country's confidence.

How is it that a truck driver beat the president of the New Jersey State Senate?


It's hard to escape the conclusion that Sen. Joe Manchin reached, when he announced that the country (as opposed to the Democrats in the House) is somewhere to the right of the center on the ideological spectrum. That is certainly where Virginia was on Tuesday. It is, even, where New Jersey was on Tuesday. And if that is where two Biden states were on Tuesday, where will they be next year on Tuesday? Or three years from now?

Will the progressives in Pelosi-land accept the verdict?

Certainly not. The way Congress works these days, most seats are safely Democratic or safely Republican. Moderates of any stripe are an endangered species; witness the number who aren't running for reelection, which is one reason the prediction markets say that this Congress will pass absolutely nothing of significance.

They could have. That's the tragedy. There really was a bipartisan bill on the table that would have built bridges and highways that could only have helped. But the progressives refused to vote on it unless the social spending bill -- which did not have enough votes to pass -- was voted on at the same time. The result: nothing. The verdict: total dysfunction. The winner: the truck driver who got mad that he couldn't carry his gun around.


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