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Good for the NFL

Susan Estrich on

The new policy of the NFL, widely reported in recent weeks, hits players and teams exactly where it hurts.

If there is an outbreak among unvaccinated players, you forfeit the game and face further fines, and none of the players on either team gets paid.

First, you lose. Second, you -- and every one of your peers -- has to pay for it. Sounds right.

Think about the peer pressure. I like that. And the immediacy of the penalty.

There has to be a way to adapt the NFL model and apply it to the "freedom fighters" who still won't get vaccinated.

According to press reports, the memo sent to all the teams states that roughly one-quarter of all NFL players have not been vaccinated. All the teams now have more than 50% of their players vaccinated, a milestone the teams in Washington and Indianapolis barely made in time for the memo.


"There is no right to postpone a game."

Last year, there might not have been "a right," but the powers at the top of the NFL managed to reschedule a dozen games, creating a schedule that was widely viewed as a nightmare.

This time, the league is taking a hardline.

Last year, COVID-19 was something you could contract in the community. It was no one's fault that they were sick with COVID-19, unless they were in the Rose Garden or a Jewish synagogue or a church full of singers, in which case we might question their judgment.


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