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Spreading selfishness in the sunshine

Susan Estrich on

The weather was glorious in Southern California the past week, as it was in much of the nation. The beaches and Boardwalk were so crowded, full of families who had clearly come from other parts of the city to escape the confines of crowded apartments. No, it wasn't the usual crowd of druggies and bikers and meth heads but families old and young crowded together and partying.

L.A. County officials say it will take 14 days before they know how many will get sick or die from the fun. And make no mistake: They will. Los Angeles is the epicenter right now. We plateaued too high in coronavirus deaths. The more open we become, and the more reckless, the more people will get sick and die.

It's understandable. Some days, I feel like I'm going nuts, ready to crawl out of my skin. And I have a backyard. Fun? Who doesn't miss it?

But this epidemic is not over, and it won't be until people put on masks and we can implement contact tracing.

Everyone assumes that it's only a matter of months before we will have multiple vaccines that will allow us to resume our "real" lives. Who says? We've never come up with a vaccine for a previous coronavirus, and it would be a lot easier if there weren't asymptomatic super spreaders running around.

And just how are we going to get the entire world vaccinated?


No one can promise an end to this, not one that will fill stadiums or movie theaters very quickly.

The "new normal," we call it when a loved one is gone or facing a serious disease and everything -- everything -- changes. We are living with the new normal, and it is frightening the extent to which it depends on a unity of purpose at the very time the president is politicizing this as a red state-blue state issue, threatening to pull the Republican National Convention from North Carolina unless the state promises him a full crowd.

How much applause does this man need?

How many lives did he risk with his maskless speech at Arlington National Cemetery? This is how he mourns?


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