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Trump's Day

Susan Estrich on

It doesn't get easier 6,000 miles away.

"Don't you like your president?" asks a man who is a strong supporter of Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu and our Donald Trump.

I try to explain it's not a matter of liking. I respect Israel's right to choose Netanyahu, a man who I do not agree with, just as we Americans have the right to elect as our president a pathological liar and manipulator who can never admit a mistake.

Consider, for example, today's Trump headlines.

With much of the country glued to the coverage of Hurricane Dorian, the president announced (by tweet, of course) over the weekend that Alabama would be hit by the storm. It wasn't. It wasn't supposed to be.

So what to do? Admit a mistake?


Not Donald Trump. He doesn't make mistakes. Everyone else does. So on Wednesday, the White House released a video of Trump holding a doctored map showing that, as of last week, the "cone of uncertainty" where Dorian was supposed to hit included Alabama. Except it didn't. The cone appeared to have been redrawn with a Sharpie to make Trump look like a he was right when he was wrong -- a daily job for Trump's team, and one of the obvious reasons for the constant turnover.

White House spokesmen challenged the press for pointing out that the cone looked like it had been redrawn. But they didn't deny it.

Now, it's pretty troubling that the president of the United States had no idea where the biggest storm in recent history was expected to hit.

But what is inexcusable is Trump's absolute inability to admit that he made a mistake.


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