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Epstein needed the ultimate accomplice

Susan Estrich on

He could never have done it alone.

I'm not talking about his suicide. That he did himself.

I'm talking about his crimes.

Imagine if Jeffrey Epstein had had to find his prey himself. Imagine a sleazy middle-aged guy hanging around in front of a high school trying to pick up teenage girls.

People would notice. Teachers would see. The police might be called. The man would be told to leave.

A beautifully dressed, stylish socialite with a fancy British accident?


No one was afraid to talk to her. No teachers asked, "What is she doing here?" How could the lovely Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell be seen as a threat to anyone?

Under the law, an accomplice need not be an indispensable part of the plan. It's enough if he or she assists in any way and has the purpose of helping the principal.

But in this case, it is clear that Maxwell was not simply helpful. She was essential.

Accomplices are liable as principals for the crimes that are committed with their help. But oftentimes, when their role is a small one, deals are made to secure testimony against the principal in return for more favorable treatment.


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