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Nancy Pelosi is right, of course

Susan Estrich on

The way for Democrats to win in 2020 is to follow the advice of the shrewdest Democrat in politics today:

--Don't be goaded by President Trump into a lengthy impeachment battle that will divide the country and ultimately be defeated by the Republican Senate.

--Don't go too far left and risk the moderate voters Democrats need to win.

It seems so clear.

She has the guts to say it, which is why she is a great Leader.

The problem is: How?

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The first problem really is House Speaker Pelosi's to solve. She's the one who is being goaded. She has to deal with her own members. It would at least help if the candidates who stand to benefit from her strategy would openly back her up and not let this be a campaign issue. We'll see.

But the second problem is even tougher. Some years ago, NPR asked me to dream up a generic Democrat House candidate: a woman, I hoped, a prosecutor or a combat vet, maybe a woman of color, maybe even gay ... There was some laughter then, but here she is -- here they are -- in Congress. Sadly, the generic Democratic presidential candidate isn't running this time around.

And electability does not always figure strongly in early state primaries.

People lean over tables, grocery lines, cups of coffee: Who do we have? Biden?


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