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Supreme Court Lost Its License to Practice Law

Jamie Stiehm on

Over one last cup of coffee in Athens, Greece, it became clear they've gone too far. The shameless Supreme Court will pay for these days of taking constitutional rights away from women and girls.

I had a long journey home. So did the mythical king Odysseus, who found Ithaca completely changed when he reached it after 20 years. So did I, except I was away for two weeks, returning to a strange land. It looks like a Greek tragedy.

To pursue the Homer angle, Odysseus found that his wealth, table, orchards and animals were being ravaged by "suitors" eager to steal his empty throne and marry his wife, Penelope.

Translated, that's what the new young justices are doing, compliments of former President Donald Trump. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, unelected and unfit, are coldly destroying the country's character.

But the head homewreckers are the senior Republicans: angry Samuel Alito, vengeful Clarence Thomas and lily-livered John Roberts. Chief Justice Roberts could have saved his honor for history by opposing the ravaging of reproductive rights.

The rising outrage will show up at the next election. Beyond that, the court lost its legitimacy as it careens off the cliff of public opinion.


Nobody should expect it to advance human progress, as it once did in ending segregated schools. Journalists who cover it as a serious institution should stop cutting it slack and analyzing its rulings as if the Republican majority is not bespoke by the extreme Right.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., calls the court "captured." Those Trump seats cost in the millions each, but the exact amount is hidden in dark money. Whitehouse also says the FBI did a slipshod job of investigating the sexual harassment claims against Kavanaugh.

Just think: two of the six men who voted to strike down a constitutional right for women were credibly accused of sexual harassment, Thomas and Kavanaugh.

Now let's face the strategic mistakes made on our side, starting with casting the word "choice." That word is a bit weak. "Abortion" is not a winner either. Lately we hear political slogans about our "bodies."


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