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A Sad Situation, the State of the Nation

Jamie Stiehm on

WASHINGTON -- Ineffable. The state and soul of the nation is just that. The National Cathedral bell tolls for thee and me.

But all I have are words. Let me try to explain the sharp sense of loss we carry these days. The fear is real, that the worst of us are stealing America's meaning from the rest of us.

At once, we're suffering four crises: race hatred, human rights, public health and democracy itself.

Buffalo, New York, is a fine city that was bloodied, with 10 shot dead, from an armed young hater who drove 200 miles to hunt prey in a Black neighborhood grocery store. A quotidian afternoon. He showed no mercy to the dignity of those humans, old or young.

They are gone, but the shock of such racial violence shakes the city and country for a long time to come. The grief will never go away for their friends and families. The violation to public square peace is ineffable.

Thank you, fork-tongued fox Tucker Carlson, for your white nationalist "replacement" theory. You're our own Imperial Klan wizard, hidden well under your veneer.


Merchants of hate sell these days, especially online, but the FBI is flat-footed on an internet that's as wild as the Old West.

On a second front, reproductive rights are human rights that go beyond one's body. They mean a woman or girl's dignity -- and yes, her life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Life chances are bound up with reproductive freedom.

That's the law of the land for 50 years. Yet five radical Right Supreme Court members think they can take that away from us. Just like that. And maybe they will, because they can. Most of the nine justices are conservative Catholics.

You tell me, is Rome coming home for us, into our intimate spaces?


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