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The Fence: Which Side Are You On?

Jamie Stiehm on

Now comes Justice Samuel Alito, the Princeton man and Eastern elitist who never met a woman he liked, save colleague Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. He's a "justice" sitting in judgment on us.

Known for his sharp and sour edge, Alito authored a 98-page "draft" opinion that takes away human rights, a rarity in American history.

Reproductive rights are constitutional rights, and you can't take them away. But in condemning the law of the land for two generations, Alito praises a cruel judge who sent women to hang for witchcraft in 1662.

You can't make that up.

The Court is up in arms about the draft's leak. Most members wanted to strike down a landmark 1973 decision in dark silence, not the light of day. Republican senators play the same game, trying to distract us from defending our rights as they near their goal.

Anonymous leaker, thank you.


Now the public outcry comes to the courthouse door. The Court fenced itself in, a wonderful visual metaphor, after peaceful chants and protests. I know, I was there.

(Note: this column is not for the faint of heart. Forces opposing reproductive freedom are not "pro-life" in the war of words and shall not be called by that name.)

The 6-3 Supreme Court is clearly captured by the far Right, with former President Donald Trump's fingerprints on the crime scene.

Yet Alito was named to the high court by former President George W. Bush. Like Trump, Bush lost the popular vote.


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