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Beware of Trump's losing and being unleashed into limbo

Jamie Stiehm on

All in a day's work for the American people. Trump loves to defy experts openly and brazenly -- especially government medical, intelligence and military experts. Why not heed public health experts in the pandemic? Disrespecting people who know more is central to his contrary psyche. Experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci were the smartest students growing up.

Constitutionally grudging, Trump can't defer to experts (or anyone) with grace or for long. Book learning was never his strong suit.

Like no president before -- or, hopefully, after -- Trump has defiantly broken the customs of common decency. No president went out of his way to taunt so many people, including reporters, generals, the House Speaker, Cabinet members and all of Africa. No other president (except Richard Nixon) had so many advisers face time in federal prison.

In the latest news, no president placed a nominee on the high court so close to a pending election. Abraham Lincoln did not replace the vicious racist, Chief Justice Roger Taney, before the 1864 election.

If Trump succeeds, he'll have three Justices who helped George W. Bush win Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court 2000 election deadlock. Yes, they flew to Florida: John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh and young Barrett joined the Bush brigade in bitter battle.


So, one clear clue: three proven partisan warriors under their robes. For starters, Trump is counting on just that.


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