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Chris Christie’s Rehabilitation Humiliation

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Wallace: "I don’t think it’s an intellectually honest case to make against conspiracy theorists without taking on Fox News.”

Christie: “Well, then listen, you can write that in your book.”

Wallace: “I’m not the one trying to ‘rescue’ the Republican party.”

She continued:

Wallace: “So you may or may not support Donald Trump in 2024, you may or may not run for president, and a book about liars and conspiracy theorists doesn’t have anything to say about Fox News.”

Christie: “No, the book – you’re conflating it.”

Wallace: “If you want to solve the proliferation of conspiracy theorists without dealing with Fox News – it’s like solving terrorists, without dealing with the terrorists.”


Suffice it to say Christie’s dumbo act with respect to Tucker Carlson – who has the highest rated show on Fox News – is more than a tad disingenuous. And suffice it to say that he omitted Fox News from his book because as a perpetual Republican candidate he can ill afford to alienate fans of the infauxtainment network. His whole shtick is quite tiresome.

Only fans of The Sopranos will get this closing reference, but so be it: I wish Bobby Bacala would just go away and play with his trains.


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