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New York is Having an Immigration Crisis? Join the Club of Receiving Cities

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While others, like me, spend a lot of time analyzing the problem, he looks for solutions.

Asked by CNN host Abby Phillip what he thought of Adams’ predicament and doomsday sentiments, he said astutely that Adams, a friend of his, is “doing what he has to do” to get federal funding. But, more than that, Espaillat said, I look at it from another perspective, that every crisis brings about great opportunities.

Immigration itself offers opportunities to the migrant and to the receiving country, in this case the United States. The news has been remarkably heavy with stories about the difficulties some employers are experiencing as they try to fill job vacancies.

The problem: Many migrants would like to work and support themselves and their families, but the process and approval of work permits is too grindingly slow.

Venezuelans, one of the largest nationalities in this latest immigration wave, used to have temporary protected status because of hardships from which they seek asylum. But they lost that status a while ago, and its restoration has fallen by the wayside. Let’s get it back before New York dies, among others.


Those are just a few ways American cities survive — in the long run.


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