Hurricane Nate crashes ashore near mouth of Mississippi River

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Hurricane Nate crashed ashore near the mouth of the Mississippi River on the Louisiana coast Saturday night, the latest in an unusually ferocious storm season that's racked up billions in damages.

With top winds of 85 miles per hour, Nate was headed north at 20 mph, the National Hurricane Center said. The warning for New Orleans and Lake ...Read more

UN secretary-general surveys Irma's devastation in Barbuda

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CODRINGTON, Barbuda -- A pink-colored popcorn maker stood in the middle of the living room floor, turned upside down, surrounded by scattered clothing, paper and other household knicknacks. Over to its left, a large refrigerator lay frozen in time, tilted on its side.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who had just passed a destroyed ...Read more

Legislators take 'sobering' flight to see hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, promise more help

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- A bipartisan group of legislators flew over the devastated interior of Puerto Rico Saturday and returned to the island's capital voicing astonishment at the level of destruction caused by Hurricane Maria.

"The scope of the devastation was really sobering," said Rep. Lloyd Smucker, R-Pa., whose district has a significant...Read more

Second floor was deadliest at nursing home with no air conditioning

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- They were mostly very old and sickly. But at least 10 of the 12 residents of the Hollywood nursing home who died after Hurricane Irma had another factor in common -- they lived on the building's top floor, where the heat was the worst and most windows were left unopened.

It wasn't until the morning of Sept. 13, shortly before...Read more

Blown away: On the Texas Coast, a recovery haunted by the past

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Since the storm, Carlos Hernandez and his wife have spent most days under a portable canopy in front of their ruined house, looking out at cotton fields stripped clean by Hurricane Harvey's winds.

All around them, in growing piles, are the remains of their lives: photo albums, bags of clothes, the ceramic bowl their daughter bought them, their ...Read more

Puerto Rico doctors only now discovering the problems in remote towns

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JAYUYA, Puerto Rico -- After Hurricane Maria's landslides and flooding further isolated this mountain town, a volunteer doctor rushed to treat diabetic Brunilda Sovilaro, found on the floor of her home, covered in insects, unable to walk, disoriented and refusing to leave.

"You are sick. You are very hot," Dr. Jorge Lopez of Orlando told the 50...Read more

Suspension of Jones Act has done little to help Puerto Rico get supplies

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WASHINGTON -- When the Trump administration waived the Jones Act in Puerto Rico for 10 days Sept. 28, it was called an important step for the U.S. territory's recovery from Hurricane Maria.

But the president's waiver, which expires Sunday, has made little difference in the flow of aid to Puerto Rico.

None of the 12 ships known to be operating ...Read more

Deadly storm nears Mexico, US

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MEXICO CITY -- Tropical Storm Nate was bearing down on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and its famed tourist resorts Friday after battering Central America, where it was blamed for at least 21 deaths.

The storm's projected path showed it passing over the peninsula by early Saturday, crossing the Gulf of Mexico and making U.S. landfall this weekend, ...Read more

Why states took so long to dispatch disaster aid to Puerto Rico

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Within a week of Hurricane Harvey slamming into the Texas coast, Virginia had dispatched a 14-person urban search-and-rescue team, a 17-person team to save people trapped by flood waters, and a National Guard team with 40 soldiers and seven helicopters.

But in the two weeks since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, ...Read more

Tropical Storm Nate forms near Nicaragua and is bound for the US coast

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MIAMI -- Tropical Storm Nate formed early Thursday, dumping heavy rain across the Central American coast on a northward track headed for the U.S.

At 8 a.m., the storm was located about 10 miles south of Nicaragua's north coast with sustained winds of 40 mph. It's expected to make landfall Thursday as it continues moving to the northwest and ...Read more

Tropical depression forms, could hit Gulf Coast as a hurricane

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MIAMI -- A tropical depression formed in the southern Caribbean Wednesday, with another Florida hurricane possible by the weekend.

In their latest advisory, National Hurricane Center forecasters said the storm will move over warm waters and encounter light wind shear, allowing quick intensification. It's possible sustained winds could reach 80 ...Read more

Cruise ship carries thousands of hurricane evacuees to Fort Lauderdale

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Sandra Rivera was down to her last cans of tuna and corned beef, her final precious bottle of water, when a man knocked at the door of her aunt's house in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

"A guy came, Harry, and said, 'Sandra, (your daughter) Rebecca has arranged for you to get on a Royal Caribbean cruise but you have to leave now....Read more

Thousands of Caribbean hurricane evacuees arrive in Florida

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Thousands of storm-weary but relieved hurricane evacuees from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands arrived Tuesday at Port Everglades aboard a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship.

The Adventure of the Seas, with a capacity of up to 3,807 passengers, sailed into the Broward County seaport after concluding a ...Read more

Detroit's formerly homeless to make solar panels for Puerto Rico

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DETROIT -- Formerly homeless men and women from Detroit will work to literally empower the people of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, building portable solar panels that are to be delivered to the island.

The Rev. Faith Fowler, executive director of Cass Community Social Services, told the Free Press that supplies to build 15 portable solar ...Read more

Stranded in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, infants flown to Miami for heart surgery

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MIAMI -- Three of the smallest and most frail Puerto Ricans made it through the worst of Hurricane Maria hunkered down in a hospital where the windows shattered, the water rushed in, and the power went out.

It was the aftermath that nearly killed them -- and the serendipity of professional networking that rescued the three newborns from the ...Read more

New storm could take shape off Florida coast

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- An area of storms and clouds near the northwestern Caribbean Sea could become this hurricane season's next tropical depression, forecasters say.

And if it forms, it's expected to head north into the southern Gulf of Mexico -- in the general vicinity of Southern Florida.

The patch of rough weather, depicted as a yellow ...Read more

Puerto Rico's very American love of cars is jamming its recovery

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Only five months ago, Puerto Rico claimed the Guinness world record for the longest parade of classic cars: 2,491. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the island's celebrated car culture has complicated the struggle to restore people's lives and the commonwealth's economy.

Drivers desperate for gasoline are waiting for...Read more

Havana quickly cleans up for tourists after hurricane, but other parts of Cuba have a problem

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HAVANA -- Stretches of the famed Malecon boulevard are still closed for repairs and seaside businesses show the scars of 30-foot waves that crashed through the seawall during Hurricane Irma.

But tourists have returned to the capital, even as areas hit hard by the storm continue to struggle.

In the seaside town of Jaimanitas, west of Havana, ...Read more

In Puerto Rico, frustrated parents wonder when schools will reopen. It may be a while

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PATILLAS, Puerto Rico -- It seems like an eternity since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and parents are getting a touch grumpy dealing with the lines to buy water and gasoline and facing constant blackouts, as youngsters bounce off the walls with boredom.

"They start having fights at home. They get rowdy," said Luis Ortiz Correa, an auto body...Read more

Trump assails 'politically motivated ingrates' as San Juan mayor pleads for more help

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Sunday morning assailed "politically motivated ingrates" for criticizing the speed and scope of the federal recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane Maria, while praising first responders, the military, Puerto Rico's governor and federal workers.

His remarks were in a series of posts on Twitter, just as ...Read more