Snow, ice and biting cold hit Midwest, South and East

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Ferociously cold weather continues to grip vast portions of the country Wednesday, with a frigid combination of ice, snow and strong winds triggering accidents, closing airports and prompting authorities to warn people to stay inside.

Forecasters expect a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow from parts of northern Florida to North Carolina. ...Read more

Deep freeze hits Deep South

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There's a common phrase among Southerners: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

The presumption is that it will get nice soon enough. These days, however, for millions of Southerners enduring unexpectedly cold weather, the wait will be much longer.

Jonathan Kurtz, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, Okla...Read more

Inside the Florida nursing home where several died during Hurricane Irma, it was 99 degrees

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The temperature inside a Hollywood nursing home that became a death trap for a dozen residents soared to 99 degrees Fahrenheit -- a key detail previously not disclosed to the public.

With a criminal investigation under way, medical officials and police had not revealed just how hot it grew after Hurricane Irma knocked ...Read more

As bitter cold racks Northeast, California enjoys nation's warmest weather

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LOS ANGELES -- Southern California reported the warmest temperatures in the nation on Wednesday and would probably do the same on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

Thanks largely to a high pressure system compressing air over the Great Basin, Los Angeles County could see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees warmer than ...Read more

Three months after a hurricane devastated Barbuda and everybody left, little is back to normal

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Three months after hurricanes forced the evacuation of Barbuda, only 350 people -- or less than 20 percent of the population -- have returned to the tiny Caribbean island.

Hurricane Irma struck on Sept. 6, littering the 62-square-mile island with mangled metal, shattered glass and crushed household goods. Most homes were damaged or destroyed.

...Read more

Where's the rain? California suffering unusually dry winter from San Francisco to Los Angeles

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SAN FRANCISCO -- California's dismally dry autumn paints a bleak outlook for the state's rainy season, unless the weather this winter makes a big about-face.

The situation is a major turnaround from last year, when Northern California was battered by a series of "atmospheric river" storms that helped end the state's five-year drought. When it ...Read more

200 killed in floods, landslides in southern Philippines

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MANILA, Philippines -- At least 200 people were killed in flash floods and landslides caused by Tropical Storm Tembin in the southern Philippines, officials said Saturday.

The province of Lanao del Norte suffered the most casualties, with 127 dead and 69 missing, police and disaster relief officials said.

Forty-seven people were killed in ...Read more

Tropical storm kills 33 in Philippines

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MANILA, Philippines -- At least 33 people were killed in landslides, flash floods and other incidents caused by Tropical Storm Kai-Tak in the Philippines.

Twenty-three people died in landslides in three towns in the island province of Biliran, about 300 miles southeast of Manila, the local government said Sunday.

Twenty-five were reported ...Read more

Snowmen in Alabama? Sledding in Mississippi? From Texas to Georgia, snow blankets the South

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ATLANTA--Snow blanketed a vast swath of the Deep South on Friday, triggering a flurry of winter weather warnings that closed businesses and schools, canceled hundreds of flights and caused traffic gridlock. It also unleashed a flurry of snowman construction and sledding in places more accustomed to sunshine than snow.

The storm dropped a rare ...Read more

After a brutal hurricane season, there's a silver lining: better forecasts

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MIAMI -- About a month before Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas with an amount of rain so immense forecasters said it could not happen more than once in a thousand years, a University of Miami scientist developing a new weather tool knew what might be in store for the Gulf Coast.

"I can't claim 'problem solved' or anything like that," said Ben ...Read more

Satellite promises to improve weather warnings

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A rocket carrying a weather satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Saturday, with plans to put the satellite in a polar orbit to help improve weather forecasting and hurricane tracking.

The Delta II rocket carried the Joint Polar Satellite System-1, the first in a new series of polar-orbiting satellites.

About 63 ...Read more

He fed 2 million Puerto Ricans. Now this celebrity chef is being called a hero

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MIAMI -- Jose Andres has long been a legend in the culinary world.

These days, the Michelin-starred chef is a bona fide rock star in Puerto Rico. The Spaniard's tremendous humanitarian efforts to feed residents on the hurricane-ravaged island have been nothing short of epic.

The Restaurateur -- who owns Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres at SLS ...Read more

Tropical Storm Philippe crosses Cuba, threatens Florida

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Tropical Storm Philippe has formed from a patch of gusty weather southwest of Cuba, and a watch was issued for coastal South Florida from Miami-Dade to the Upper Keys.

Heavy rains across parts of South Florida began Saturday afternoon from the fringes of the fast-moving storm, which was moving across Cuba at 29 mph. The rains were expected to ...Read more

Flooding kills 7, displaces 2,000 in Nicaragua

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MANAGUA, Nicaragua -- Flooding sparked by heavy rains has left seven people dead in Nicaragua this week, the government said Friday.

Three people were also reported to be missing, while about 2,000 people were evacuated in the west and center of the Central American country.

More than 430 schools remained closed, while 12,517 families had no ...Read more

System headed toward Florida now likely to become a tropical depression or storm

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MIAMI -- A tropical system swirling across the western Caribbean became dramatically better organized Friday and is now expected to become a depression or Tropical Storm Philippe Friday or Saturday.

Tropical storm warnings were issued for parts of Cuba and the Bahamas Friday evening after a hurricane hunter plane found winds topping 40 mph. The...Read more

Floods kill several people in Honduras and Nicaragua

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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- Heavy rains have hit Central America, killing up to five people and causing widespread damage in Honduras and Nicaragua, officials and news reports said Thursday.

The rains flooded houses and fields, damaged roads, knocked down walls and trees, and made rivers overflow their banks.

Three people drowned in rivers in ...Read more

When hurricanes hit: The biggest threat is right now

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- At this time of year, when a storm forms, it's more likely to hit Florida.

That's because October storms are more likely to form in the western Caribbean Sea, where they tend to travel north over or near western Cuba and then across southern Florida.

That's what Hurricane Wilma did in 2005 -- 12 years ago Tuesday. And ...Read more

Tropical system heading across Caribbean could become depression

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MIAMI -- A tropical system off Central America is expected to become better organized as it heads across the Caribbean toward the U.S. coast, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Tuesday.

Over the next five days, forecasters say the system will encounter favorable conditions, including hurricane-fueling warm waters in the western ...Read more

Irma is long gone, but South Florida's watery wilderness is still feeling the pain

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MIAMI --When Hurricane Irma charged across the state last month, coastal communities hammered by powerful storm surges attracted the most attention. But inland Lake Okeechobee, the state's 730-square mile liquid heart, also took a hit.

Lake levels already high from the wettest rainy season in 86 years shot up 3 1/2 feet, raising concerns about ...Read more