Erika weakens, aiming for South Florida

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Even as Tropical Storm Erika continued to dump heavy rain in the northern Caribbean, forecasters say the storm could weaken, still packing strong tropical storm force winds but no longer becoming a hurricane.

If it makes landfall in Florida early Monday, forecasters say Erika will likely be strong tropical storm with winds of about 60 mph.

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Strengthening Erika causes fatal mudslides in Dominica, heads toward Hispaniola

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MIAMI -- Tropical Storm Erika, which unleashed deadly mudslides in Dominica on Thursday, has taken a turn toward Hispaniola, setting up a collision with the island nation that could decide what happens in South Florida.

At 8 p.m. EDT, Erika was located 145 miles southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico, with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. Erika ...Read more

Erika strengthens as its center shifts south

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MIAMI -- The center of Tropical Storm Erika shifted to the south early Thursday, signaling a possible turn that could prove more threatening to South Florida.

At 11 a.m. EDT, Erika was located 125 miles west of Guadeloupe with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. Erika had slowed slightly to 16 mph on its westward course and had dumped nearly ...Read more

Erika building as it approaches Leeward Islands

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MIAMI -- Tropical Storm Erika may hit the Leeward Islands as early as Wednesday night as its treks across the Caribbean and could impact South Florida by Monday.

At 11 a.m., Erika had sustained winds of 45 mph, with tropical storm force winds extending 105 miles. The storm had slowed slightly to 17 mph and was located 285 miles east of Antigua....Read more

Tropical Storm Erika expected to strengthen as it approaches Caribbean

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Tropical Storm Erika, which formed on the heels of Hurricane Danny on Monday, is expected to steadily grow as it bears down on the Caribbean and could become a hurricane in four days, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Tuesday.

The storm, located about 640 miles east of the Leeward Islands at 2 p.m., was moving northwest at about 20 mph...Read more

As Danny downgrades, Haiti remains a rainfall concern

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Haitian disaster and weather experts are continuing to keep an eye on once powerful hurricane Danny as it continues to weaken, warning those living in at-risk areas to remain vigilant.

"Our biggest vulnerabilities as you know with rainfall are flooding, flash floods and landslides," said Ronald Semelfort, Haiti's chief meteorologist. "We have ...Read more

Flood alert in northern Philippines after typhoon rains leave at least 10 dead

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MANILA -- The national disaster relief agency urged residents in the northern Philippines to be alert for flooding Sunday, after a typhoon dumped heavy rains in the mountain provinces and left at least 10 people dead.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council issued the warning in 19 towns and cities in the province of Pangasinan ...Read more

Hurricane Danny weakens, still a threat to Caribbean islands

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MIAMI--Hurricane Danny is weakening weaker and is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm over the weekend, forecasters said Saturday.

"The storm is expected to keep weakening for the next five days. By Thursday it is expected to be a depression," said Dan Gregoria, a National Weather Service meteorologist. The storm is predicted to ...Read more

Hurricane Danny strengthens to a Category 2

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MIAMI -- Hurricane Danny gained power Friday morning, packing sustained winds of 105 mph at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

National Hurricane Center forecasters said Danny had intensified into a Category 2 storm, although they predict the storm will weaken in the next two days as it continues to move west-northwest across the Atlantic. Danny was located...Read more

July was warmest month on Earth in 136 years, NOAA says

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Another month, another record high for global temperatures, U.S. government scientists announced Thursday.

Earth's average surface temperature for the month of July was 61.86 degrees Fahrenheit (or 16.61 degrees Celsius). That made July the hottest month since meteorologists began keeping track way back in 1880, according to a new report from ...Read more

Danny becomes Atlantic's first hurricane

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Tropical Storm Danny strengthened early Thursday to become the first hurricane of the Atlantic season, National Hurricane Center forecasters said.

Sustained winds increased to about 75 mph as Danny headed north, northwest at 12 mph, about 1,000 miles east of the Windward Islands, forecasters said. They expect Danny to continue strengthening at ...Read more

Tropical depression likely to form in next two days

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MIAMI -- A storm brewing in the eastern Atlantic will likely become the fourth named storm of the 2015 hurricane season in a day or two, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Tuesday.

Located 1,600 miles off the west coast of Africa, the slow-moving storm was given a 90 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression or tropical storm by ...Read more

El Nino keeps growing, but no guarantee California's drought will end

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- With wildfires raging and three months to go before the start of the winter rainy season, drought-stricken California received promising news Thursday: El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean continue to gain momentum, increasing with every week the chances of desperately needed wet winter weather on the West Coast.

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A huge El Nino, like the one in 1997-98, could devastate Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- It started in October 1997 in Mexico, when a hurricane fueled by El Nino slammed into Acapulco, causing massive flooding and hundreds of deaths.

A few weeks later, storms started hitting Southern California. Mobile home parks in Huntington Beach flooded, forcing rescuers to use inflatable boats and a catamaran to rescue residents...Read more

Another El Nino sign: Ocean temps hit highest levels of the year

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SAN FRANCISCO -- In another sign that El Nino is gaining strength and could soak California this winter, sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have increased to their highest level so far this year.

That temperature increase -- 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit above the average -- was recorded Aug. 5 by the National Weather Service's Climate ...Read more

Typhoon moves to China, kills 9

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BEIJING –– After battering Taiwan, a typhoon killed nine people in east China's Zhejiang province, authorities said Sunday.

Typhoon Soudelor hit China late Saturday in southeastern Fujian province and moved from there to neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces.

The storm triggered mudslides in rural areas of Zhejiang's Wenzhou City late...Read more

Powerful typhoon strikes Taiwan

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BEIJING -- Typhoon Soudelor hit on Taiwan before daybreak Saturday, lashing the island with torrential rain and winds up to 150 mph. At lease six people were killed and nearly 3 million households lost power.

Schools and businesses across Taiwan were closed Saturday as the storm moved westward over the island. Taiping Mountain, in Yilan County ...Read more

Hurricane season is predicted to remain below average

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MIAMI -- As the of peak the hurricane season approaches, forecasters predicted with confidence on Thursday that storm activity would remain low this year.

"We have an even higher confidence that this year's hurricane season will be below normal," said Gerry Bell, the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric ...Read more

Devastating floods might be more common than we thought, study says

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Keep the sandbags handy. Previous flood assessments have underestimated the actual risk of dangerous floods in many parts of the country, according to a new study. By looking back at the historical weather records, researchers have found an important synergy between two flood risk factors in coastal zones that has often gone overlooked.

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2005's Hurricane Katrina led to improvement in storm forecasting

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Hurricane Katrina, the most-destructive and third-deadliest storm in U.S. history, also was a force for change, spurring major advancements in forecasting and communication.

Since its rampage in late August 2005, scientists have developed several new high-tech tools to better predict the strength and track of storms, in...Read more