Today's Word "Supererogation"


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supererogation \su-peh-RER-eh-gey-shehn\ (noun) - The act of performing beyond the call of duty; the act of doing more than is necessary.

"At Christmastime, we must never forget Santa Claus's supererogation in bringing toys to so many children in the course of one evening."


From late Latin supererogare "to expend public funds" comprising super- "over, above" + erogare "to spend." Latin "Erogare" comes from e-, ex- "out of, away from" plus rogare "to ask" (as in "interrogate") from "stretch out the hand." "Rogare" comes from Prot-Indo-European rog-/reg- "to move in a straight line." The same root became regere "to lead straight, rule" and "right" in English. In German it became Reich "empire, realm," in French roi "king," and rajah "king" in Sanskrit. "Rule," "regular" and "rake" all share the same source.



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