Repartee in the Rathskeller? You Don't Say!

Rob Kyff on

Here's your chance to test your mastery of frequently mispronounced words. I'll even throw in some lively repartee. Which pronunciation would you choose?

1. Repartee: a clever remark or an interchange of witty retorts.

A. rep-ahr-TAY B. rep-ahr-TEE

2. Rathskeller: a basement tavern or restaurant.

A. RAT-skel-ur B. RATH-skel-ur C. ROT-skel-ur

3. Repercussion: a reciprocal action or effect, often indirect or unforeseen.


A. REP-pur-kuh-shin B. REE-pur-kuh-shin

4. Ruse: a trick or act used to fool someone.

A. ROOZ (rhymes with "shoes") B. ROOS (rhymes with "moose")

5. Primer: a small book for teaching children to read.


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