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This work headset is all-in-one, except for those wanting a little more variety.

This one is not as big and bulky as other work headsets. That's what you get with the EKSAtelecom S30 open-ear air conduction true wireless headset, which features advanced AI technology and a long battery life.

Since it's truly wireless, you get two earpieces (left/right) connected to each other, and your audio course with Bluetooth V5.3 has about a 100-foot range. The left earpiece has a small boom silicone microphone with 99.9% noise cancellation. According to KSAtelecom, it's built with VoicePure Environmental Noise Cancellation, with a noise reduction depth of over 50 dB.

Each earbud has a noise recognition microphone and a pickup microphone on the boom side. The S30 headset can be paired with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously with a multipoint connection. So, if you have two phones, connect both to the headset and whichever one rings will automatically connect.

The small design makes it ideal for work-from-home users, with its built-in boom mic perfect for conference calls and Zoom meetings. It doesn’t end there; it is ideal for traveling, exercising, hands-free calls or listening to music.

The open-ear design includes an adjustable ear hook on each side. For clarity, each earbud speaker utilizes a distinctive acoustic design and specific unit speakers to emit sound in a targeted direction, according to EKSAtelecom.

Using it is simple: Once it's charged and paired, it's plug-and-play. While they aren't as portable as other popular true wireless earbuds, the earhooks are something I prefer for peace of mind, knowing they stay in place. If you have multiple work locations, the S30s pack up in the charging/docking case for instant portability.

Inside each earpiece is a 16.2 mm speaker for sound, and EKSAtelecom S30 TubeBass technology produces bright highs and deep lows. This translates to crisp and clear voices on both ends for calls and meetings, along with the right amount of bass for music.

With a fully charged charging case giving you 3.5 total charges, you should expect 16 hours of pod playtime at 70% volume on each charge, with a total of 70-plus hours before the charging case needs a refuel. Talk time is rated at 9 hours at 70% volume and 48 hours with the charging case. The charging case itself charges in 2 hours, but if you need a quick charge, 5 minutes of charging time can yield 60 minutes of listening time.


With an IPX5 waterproof rating, EKSAtelecom S30 is resistant to light rain showers and poolside splashes. It is listed as multi-platform compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. $149.99

Cyber Acoustics's new AC-304C USB-C stereo headset with noise Reduction Environmental Noise cancellation is an excellent choice for a basic work headset.

The over-the-head design is ideal for blocking background noise, allowing your caller to hear your voice with crystal-clear clarity. It connects with an attached USB-C cable, which includes a USB-C to USB-A adapter. An in-line controller controls volume and muting with an LED indicator.

They are designed for all-day comfort. Soft earpads made with bio-leatherette material cover each ear and weigh just 2.6 ounces. The USB cable is 8 feet long, with 5 feet from the controller to the headset and 3 feet from the controller to the USB connector.

The USB-C and USB-A connections provide instant plug-and-play on a PC or Mac computer system. Cyber Acoustics lists compatibility with all video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, WebEx, Nice, RingCentral, Avaya, Genesys, etc.

It has a headband, and the boom microphone folds up and down for use when needed. Aside from its great performance, the AC-304C USB-C stereo headset is budget-friendly at $99.99. A storage carrying bag is included.

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